Sunday, 6 March 2011

Chalk and cheese.

It's Sunday and much to my dismay my week off uni is coming to a close. With most of the other foreign students at home for the week or travelling Europe it meant that Gem, myself and GA (Gay American) ended up spending a lot of time together. This was an interesting dynamic.

Awkward at first, it took a while for us to get to know GA properly. We'd spent some time with him but always in a larger group. I was maybe a little worried that there would be a bit of a clash which there was. We are different in just about every way:

1. He's nineteen, I'm twenty one. It shows.
2. He's optimistic and the 'happy-go-lucky' type. I'm not.
3. He's a republican. I'm not extremely well versed in US politics but I think I know enough to say that I'm not.
4. He's really confident and has no trouble talking to anyone, even in French. I'm not and do.
5. He's still a virgin and waiting for a meaningful relationship but doesn't mind getting sucked off in the toilets from time to time. I could never judge anyone considering the things I've done.
6. He gets pedicures. I don't.

Okay so this sounds like a barely disguised attack in his personality but we actually got on really well. A love-hate relationship I suppose. Most of our conversations did descend into arguments but he's obviously an intelligent guy and I really enjoyed hearing a completely different point of view on pretty much every subject. I've really loved arguing with him. I also respect him for wanting to wait for someone special to have his first time. I mean it may not be my style but he is only nineteen and already employs responsible decision making - well done.

Talking of meaningful relationships I stumbled across this video on YouTube and it may well have melted my ice heart ever so slightly:


Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Being compelled to share space with people can have some interesting results. At least you didn't come to blows! Mind you ... republican - tempting! Ha ha.

Pedicure ... no. That's too much. I bet he secretly wants one of those ghastly crochet ballerinas to cover the toilet roll. No - *shudders* !

Have a wonderful day. G =]

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