Saturday, 19 February 2011

Trop trop beau.

Just a quick update as today I feel rough. The reason being that last night was kinda messy.

It gets to 5pm and I have every intention of making food and spending the evening in my sweats but I get a text from GA (Gay American) asking me if I'm bored and want to go to a flat-party his neighbours are having. I accept mainly because they're French and any opportunity to practice speaking with real people is a bonus and walk over picking up Gem (Irish best friend here) and a 2€ plastic bottle of wine on the way.

The party is fun but not good enough to prevent us leaving to go out to some clubs but as it's Friday everywhere is absolutely rammed. GA has an idea saying he knows someone who knows someone and we somehow end up in an invitation-only party in the basement of a restaurant. The music is amazing and with drink flowing we dance 'til around six before stumbling back into the bright artificial lighting of upstairs.

Now that a lot of alcohol + dancing = me looking a state, and wanting to make a swift exit I make my way down to the street but a guy in a check shirt blocks my way. I recognise him from downstairs in the club and thought he was staring over slightly more than the usual. He's drunk but manages to slur out what I think is 'Tu aimes les mecs? T'es trop trop beau...tu veux rentrer avec moi?' - basically asking if I want to go home with him. I'm slightly creeped out and obviously refuse but I end up giving him my number more to get rid of him than anything else. I mean, he's not bad looking, dressed well etc. but he's the type of guy who makes you shudder.

I've had three missed calls and two texts from him this afternoon - forward much?

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