Thursday, 31 July 2008

Something to get your teeth into.

Before launching into an inevitable post about my life, I found this on a website giving advice to gay teens (seen as I am one) from people who, looking back in retrospect, may have done things differently. Whilst everyone else is talking about how it doesn't matter how you look and how you can find love weighing 400lbs etc.this has a slightly different message.

"Be hot. Did you hear me? BE HOT. Exercise, eat right, take up a sport, be fit, always smell good, stay clean, and dress well (but keep it classic-a gorgeous body looks best in the simplest clothes while an ugly one doesn't look good in anything). People will tell you all kinds of shit about being "interesting" and other such nonsense, but trust me guys (and this will be true your whole life): If you're hot, gay men will find you simply fucking fascinating no matter what you say or do, even if you're a total vapid blank of a human being. Just look at Ashton Kutcher. Hotness will give you the upper hand forever and you will eventually have more sex and life partners to choose from than you can shake a stick at. People will balk at this because it shouldn't be true, but trust me guys-please!-it is. A guy can remain hot well into his 40s if he tries and, in rare cases, into his 50s; long before that you will have chosen someone from the throngs at your feet with whom you wouldn't mind spending a few decades."

I agree.

It may not be right, but the world is like this in reality. I mean, I'm not saying you can't find love at 400lbs, just that this is pretty much your best bet of having the best life. However, I am young and probably delusional so feel free to flame.

As first words go...

After staring at the computer long enough for a blank page to be auto saved about 16 times, I thought I'd better suck it up and start.So here are a few things you should know about me:

  1. I've got about a foot and half my leg out of the closet. More about that later.
  2. At the moment I'm in between years at uni, if resits go well that is :p
  3. I considered putting exclamation marks at the end of both of the previous 2 points but decided against it, thinking it would give the wrong tone to the sentence. I mean, I've gotta live up to the title of the blog in my first post at least.
  4. I can be cynical at times, I also live in a city - Liverpool. I love it.
  5. I'm shallow, but I don't really believe what I think. That doesn't make sense. Hmm. Read the blog, get to know me, and find out for yourself!
  6. I think it's vital to look better going into a hairdressers than leaving. An example of the shallowness i mentioned.
  7. I generally don't like going to the hairdressers as I never achieve the above point. I look equally bad going in and leaving.
  8. I'm the biggest geek in the world. Strike up a conversation about space and I'll talk for hours. Try to teach me about quantum mechanics and I'll listen but probably won't understand anything. Get me started on technology and I'll cry about how I have no money and can't buy anything fancy.
  9. I've told *counts on fingers* 5 people that I'm gay. 7 people know, the parents found out and confronted me. More about THAT later.
  10. Yep, the name of this blog is my take on 'Sex and the City' (am I allowed to admit that without getting sued?). I like Sex and the City. What a cliché.

What you can expect from this blog:

  1. I'm gonna be writing a lot about developments in my life so you're gonna have to bear with me on a lot of things.
  2. I hope it's not gonna turn into a whine fest.
  3. Probably more lists like this. I clearly can't write in continuous English and need numbered points to let my brain rest.
  4. General talk about goings on in the world/stuff I find on the Internet that i think are interesting/invite cynicism.
  5. Possible 'adult' themes. I haven't decided yet. You never know, I might wanna describe my none existent sex life in great detail. It'd be juicy as of course.
You should also know that this is gonna be largely anonymous. I'm not gonna be paranoid (well, I say that now) cos at this point in my life I'm proper fed up with people not knowing and wouldn't really mind if they found out. It's just for hassle sake i suppose...

Over and out for now :p